Avira antivir not updating automatically

02-Feb-2017 12:27

avira antivir not updating automatically-35

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OK, so I recently encountered some problems with Avira Anti Vir: the VDs just wouldn't update! However, I specifically reinstalled my entire security apparata afterward to make sure it recognized the new setup. It isn't the firewall; there are no block alerts, no popups asking me to block or allow the AV to download. It can only be updated manually by downloading its definition files. If that doesn't help I would look into two things, an infection or a problem with your firewall. Afraid of a glitch or something, I uninstalled Antivir and tried Comodo's IS suite. Now, I recently did change my DNS server IPs, coz the old IPs were pinging false. I try also installing some anti-spyware but still cannot update thru internet automatically.He may have introduced problems because of his unfamiliarity with English.(I speak English but instructions for this type of software download sometimes confuse me).

What antivirus and what antimalware do you have installed and what comes up when you run a scan with them? If you're running Anti Vir, a third possibility is that you need to properly uninstall it to fix this problem.

As the title implies, my friend had problems even to connect to the Avira server to update.

Is there an alternative in getting the updates, or is there a way to fix the update module of Anti Vir Personal?

Safe mode would be something else to try tho if needed. Likely unrelated to the issue, but Avira has had problem with overloaded servers past day or two, so the updates take very long to come in.

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Yesterday it tried connecting to several update servers for about 10 minutes. Yes, probably unrelated since the original post is kind of old.

But still, for goodness sake, one of my schoolmates have been complaining about their laptop have virus that AVG can't detect.

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