Brothers and sisters stars dating

07-Dec-2016 14:06

Nevertheless, she frequently forces Kyosuke to spend time with her, whether it is playing games or taking her out, but denies that she actually enjoys the time they spend together.Kirino is also shown to become frustrated whenever Kyosuke is with or shows interest in other girls.He decides to become more of an older brother to her.Despite Kyosuke being older, his sister is generally the dominant person in their relationship, with Kyosuke only standing up to her in truly serious situations.However, this suddenly changes when he finds one of her eroge and, after confronting her with it, learns that she is an otaku.Through this experience he realizes that he knows very little about his sister, including her being a model as well as an exemplary student.

A 12-episode anime adaptation produced by AIC aired in Japan between October and December 2010.(with a period at the end), aired between April and June 2013.