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The pauses to watch let us know that they are playing a social game of imitation rather than just having fun bouncing on the mat individually.Wyatt bounces a bit and Maya bounces quite high while Anna turns her head to watch (). Wyatt decides to extend the game by adding a new action. Two-year-old children know that adding new movements elevates one to the leader, the one to be imitated.Mein Name ist Johannes, ich heiße Dich auf meinem Webblog herzlich willkommen.Hier findest Du Artikel über Fotografie, Linux und vieles mehr.Wyatt looks over at the girls before again falling back on the mat ().Does he want the girls to watch what he is about to do?She thinks that looks like fun and gives it a try by falling back and lifting her legs up high.Children often add an exaggerated or unnecessary movement to let other children know they are playing a game.

She watches as her friends enjoy popping up and returning to a seated position on the mat ( – ). Anna bounces energetically while Maya and Wyatt turn their heads and watch ().

The heels of his feet are close to the gym mat, and he loses his balance and topples over.

Maya twists her torso and observes Wyatt lying on the mat ().

Wyatt swings his legs downward like a counter-balance in an effort to sit up, but he does not yet have enough core strength ().

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Cleverly, he rolls to the side and pushes himself up with his arm.

The children continue attending to each other although as individuals they begin to favor one action over another.

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