Norton internet security not updating virus definitions

07-Nov-2016 21:01

I’ve used AVG Free for a number of years without problems, and for the past year, Bitdefender Free, also with good results.

This past year, Symantec (the makers of Norton products) quietly released two new Internet security programs (Norton Security and Norton Security with Backup) and at that same time, “ended the life” of it’s two mainstream security products, Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security. Then, in early October of 2015, Symantec announced that it was breaking up the company into two separate companies, one focused on security and the other on information management.

The abscessed files like malware, trojanhorse, malware, adware, and spyware; adversely impact the device on unforeseen instances when users can’t even expect of the same.

Norton 360 is an international brand and is a widely-used antivirus program that is known for rendering protection to PC & mobile phone from malware, Trojan horse, Adware, Spyware as well as the rootkit at its excellence.

With the great range of applications encapsulated in this security suite that comprises of antivirus, internet security, security standard (for 1 device) , security deluxe (up to 5 devices); Symantec has taken a drastic step by offering Norton 360 phone support to users that can make them avail customer service to an extreme level.

It was for all these reasons that I decided to re-evaluate the Internet Security options and make a personal change.

the product, or updating the core program components.

But what they WILL still continue doing is releasing new “virus definition updates” for Norton 360… As I just said, Norton 360 will keep working as long as the definitions are updated, and at least for now (as of February, 2016), Symantec continues to offer yearly subscription renewals for Norton 360. Should you pay the renewal fee and keep using Norton 360? First, renewing subscriptions directly with Symantec (versus just purchasing a new version at the local store when it goes on sale) is pricey.