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Wolff was a former adviser to the European Space Agency and presented BBC2’s long-running science show He came to Britain as a an 11-year-old Jewish refugee, with his father and other relatives, from Berlin in September 1939, on the day the Second World War broke out.

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter which was published on Saturday, he validated Trump's lack of memory of him and sought to explain it by claiming no one saw him as a real threat because they were not familiar with his works, or any books at all.

'100 per cent of them' doubt the president's abilities, he said on Saturday.

Figure 2 shows world-averaged archaeomagnetic data. Since the dates conventionally assigned to the data points are based on radiocarbon dating, I have plotted the data on a time scale crudely corrected for changes in the percentage of carbon 14 in the atmosphere since the flood. … continue reading »

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